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Client Billing Services

Cash flow is a necessary part of the business cycle and billing clients is a well known and time honored process in many law firms, depending on the practice and side of litigation you're on. Even then, tracking time provides the accountability to figure out whether your firm is making money or not. We have set up a consistent and easy monthly process so that your cash flow keeps coming in. And, of course, the cash will stop if you don't work the system. No one wants to have that to happen.

We are flexible. We do not change the way you like to operate:

  • We accept handwritten timesheets, and we have forms if you need them, otherwise we are happy to use yours.

  • If you want to enter your time into a computer program on your computer and e-mail us the time, costs or payments, we have a simple solution for a $95 license fee and $5 shipping, which will eliminate our entry time, saving you money. Our help in setup and training is free.

  • If you are traveling and need to enter from your laptop to our website, we are setup to accept your data which return e-mails to TimeBillers and your e-mail account, simultaneously, for printing and later record keeping.

  • We process your bills based on hourly rates, track time for contingent fee cases, and bill your clients at your discretion - monthly, quarterly, end of file, or other.

  • We can set up admin files to track unbillable time such as CLE attendance, new client promotion, or other bar asssociation duties so all your hours show up on monthly hours reports.

  • Our background is in insurance defense, so we can fully accommodate ABA coding requirements. We have both insurance defense and worker compensation customers that use coded formats. We work with several auditing websites to upload LEDES1998B formats, modifying them as needed with your identifying information, and we can accommodate split billings. Please ask us about other format needs.

Easy 3-Step Billing Process:

(1) We enter all time, costs, client payments and trust data and provide you with a WIP (Work-in-Process) or Pre-Bill for all your files.

(2) After we receive your edits and bill selections, we provide you with billing statements for your approval and/or mailing.

(3) When all bills are approved, held or mailed, we invoice your bills and provide you with billing reports.

If you would like us to mail your statements directly to your clients, steps 2 and 3 are combined and you will receive a completed billing packet that includes your copies of all mailed statements along with your billing reports, reducing the overall length of the billing process.

Billing Methods:
    (1) Our Location: Our first choice of location. Our software of choice is CLAS® (Comprehensive Legal Accounting System) by the SoftLaw Corporation (www.softlawcorp.com) out of Salem, Oregon. We are experienced with the program and have found it extremely stable and accurate. We also use Timeslips® (www.timeslips.com). Our computers are backed up on a regular basis and whenever we edit your database.

    (2) Your Location: We can remotely access your computers and process your bills with your software, we only need you to have an on-site computer guru that can work with us to set up computer communications and printing at our location. Let us know which billing programs you use, and we can certainly accommodate your current setup.

Cost of Billing Services: We base our monthly bills on hourly time spent. We have found over the years that estimating for a specific flat fee is not fair to one side or the other in the arrangement. There are too many differences in practices, editing personalities, law types, and client needs. A flat fee does not accommodate growth in your practice or efficiencies that are gained over time from our familiarity with your business. Acknowledging that, most of our sole practitioners fall in the range of $350-500/month for billing services. If you would like to know more, please fill out our free estimate request.

To Get Started: Please request our billing information packet. In the packet we provide more detailed information, specific instructions on the information and data we need from your office to begin the conversion to TimeBillers' services, our contract, forms and helpful worksheets for the process. We require an initial deposit to get started and a current credit card authorization on file at all times.