Paperless Client Billing

TimeBillers’ normal billing procedure is a 3-step process where (1) you provide all your billing data for the month and we enter everything into a database created here for your firm, then we provide you with a pre-bill printout (aka WIP or Work-in-Process). (2) You send back the edits and directions as to which files to bill and we edit and print your statements. Lastly, (3) when you let us know which bills were mailed, we invoice/finalize the bills (move them from WIP to Aged A/R) and provide you with billing reports at the end of the billing cycle. We can and do (if you chose) mail paper bills direct to your clients, and this would combine steps 2 and 3 and you would receive statement copies and the billing reports at the same time. Any additional postage costs to your clients would be added to your billing from us. You will receive the WIP in PDF over the Internet as soon as it’s compiled. You will also receive a PDF file that has all your statements in one document, and your reports come in PDF documents.

Getting started involves sending the last billing statement for each client matter to us, so we can enter each file and their current balances on the last date currently billed. We will also need any WIP that has not been billed, and firm information for hourly rates, timekeepers, late fee charges, and any expense items that have markups, etc. We have forms for our needed information, which we will provide at your request. We also request a copy of your letterhead or any logos you use, as we can place those on your statement letterhead in our system. We require a signed contract and non-refundable deposit prior to beginning work. The deposit is credited to your first billing. Services are billed hourly.

Monthly process includes sending new file information as it occurs, payment information, trust/retainer data, costs, and time – either by batch, email or fax. We have a low cost (batch) option available that is a small program for your computer where you can enter your time, costs and payments, and send them to us by email each month. The program has a timer option and you can print your batches prior to sending. You’ll start a new batch after you send one. Purchase through TimeBillers LLC, and we provide free support. $100 per license.